Choosing the Best Family Photographer in Calgary

Today, photography is about the mix of the expertise of the photographer and the equipment they use. If portrait photography is something you’re passionate about, booking an appointment with Calgary family photography experts Chromyde Photography would be a superb choice. We cater to your family’s needs and are available in-studio or at a location of your choice.

The Unexpected Truth About Other Family Photographers

Often, photographers do not go to the venue beforehand or aren’t competent with their setup or equipment. This can cause unnecessary delays and wasted time, which if children are being photographed can lead to a stressful shoot for you!

Our sessions are always pre-planned with your specific family needs in mind. We cater to providing a fun-filled appointment for the entire family, and this always results in beautiful treasures that last a lifetime.

When choosing a photographer always negotiate the fee in advance. I’m sure we have all encountered the photographer that operates on a sliding pay scale and at the end of the shoot being presented with a bill totaling hundreds of dollars. We present you with clearly priced packages in advance of the booking that is inclusive of touch-ups and revisions.

Top Family Photographer Secrets

During your consultation with the photographer bring photos with you that you like the look of and be sure to browse the photographer’s collections. Look for images that have stunning composition, good focus, an intriguing subject and excellent color. Beware, if you employ somebody who promises to deliver great photos at a discount, you might wind up getting conned. A professional will always showcase previous work, and they invest heavily in premium grade equipment making their fee an investment rather than a bill.

At Chromyde Photography we take pride our craft and enjoy working with families of all ages and pets too. Through patience and planning, we always get our shot!

There are lots of creative ways a photographer can capture that stunning portrait photograph! Call us or book an appointment through today!