5 Steps To Find The Best Baby Photographer In Calgary

Maternity portraits are usually taken between 28 and 32 weeks, so finding the perfect photographer is very important. This advice will help you get it right the very first time.


Step 1: Begin early

Explore your choices at the conclusion of your first trimester, so you have a lot of time to investigate and compare different photographers, ask questions and address concerns. What does the package include? Do you feel relaxed with this photographer?


Step 2: Find a Specialist

Browse the photographer’s website to get a feel for her past experience and areas of expertise. That’s a good signal, if she has a number of examples from maternity sessions. “Experienced shooters will be knowledgeable about the most flattering angles for your pregnant body, and understand how to pay attention to your abdomen while minimizing others.”


Step 3: Think About Style

As you search for a photographer, think about what you want your own photos to look like. Are you really hoping for something simple and realistic, or moody and artistic? Do you wish to be in a surroundings that are interesting, or would you prefer more formal portraits using an easy backdrop? “Find someone that one whose work speaks to you and you can see yourself being portrayed in”. While digital has a sharper quality, vibrant colours and images shot on film have a gentle, all-natural look that could lend a nostalgic feel.


Step 4: Assess Referrals

Ask them for several referrals to contact and speak to them about their experience. Also look through a few couples’ entire library of shots so you can see what you’ll actually be getting. Many people read reviews and comments left on the photographers social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram.


Step 5: Think Long Term

Can this photographer do your newborn portraits? You’re going to spend some time screening a photographer, and presumably creating a degree of trust, so it makes sense to find someone you can use. Often baby photographers in Calgary offer maternity and baby photos in one package.


As the trusted baby photographer in Calgary,  we will help you create memories that last a lifetime. If your looking for inspiration, come and look through our extensive library of images or bring us your ideas! Call today!

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