How My Photography Store in Calgary Takes Great Photos….Everytime!


One of the questions I’m most often asked while working at my photography store in Calgary is what tricks I use to consistently produce great looking photos? This question is asked so often that I thought I would put together a few of the things that I think are most important for your success. Read below to start taking professional quality photos:


Use a Tripod:

In order to properly take a great photo, it is vital you use a tripod. Tripods can result in sharp, clear pictures. Photographers who do not use a tripod will most likely experience fuzzy images.

Stock Up:

Carry lots of batteries and film for your camera. Never count on finding stores, it may be challenging to locate supplies on location. Even more difficult, you might loose valuable time or keep others waiting around while looking for supplies.

Shoot, Shoot and Shoot again:

Take numerous images, to help you ensure the results of your pictures. Experiment: Modify your camera configurations, different lighting, different camera angles. Try to find what works for you.

Organize Your Group:

If you are taking a photograph of a group inside, and conditions are pretty dark, there’s risk that the people close to you is going to be overexposed and the people further away will be a little in the dark. Provided you can arrange the group so they are all equally distant from the camera. That way there will be a level spread of light.

Noon Day Sun…Is NOT Your Friend:

Stay away from sunlight, as this can shift natural colour. A vibrant but cloudy day is ideal. Get out of bed early and capture the sunrise in the best location. Investigate the area the previous day or while in the high noon sun. During midday if you need to shoot, use a polarized lens. Utilize the filter only at a 90 degree angle from the sun. You must open up approximately 1 to 1 1/2 stops or even more at times in order to compensate for the reduced light coming through the filter. Meter a gray card and open up from that reading.

Also employ the polarized lens at sundown for some great effects on landscapes. The optimum time to take the majority of night images is right after the sun has set. This enables a tiny bit of natural light to work with. Set your digital camera’s resolution at or close to its maximum setting (largest file size). The very last thing you want is a grainy photo. In the greater part of instances it is almost always advisable to have the sun behind you when you take a picture. But look out for both your and your subjects shadow.



Try to find strategies to naturally framing a shot. Framing accentuates the primary subject. Fill your frame!


Move in close. When first starting out you may be surprised at the real difference moving nearer to the subject can make. Handheld close-ups tend to be fuzzy or even overexposed. A tripod is essential for taking good close-up shots, especially smaller items. An image stabilizer in the lens is a large bonus because it means you can handhold the camera in lower light conditions and not have blurring occur in the final picture.

For more tips and tricks contact me at Chromyde Photography in Calgary. Photography is my passion and I enjoying sharing and talking with like minded individuals. Contact my at my photography store in Calgary or by email to book your appointment today!


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