Professional Headshot Photographer Calgary

Choosing a headshot photographer in Calgary is a crucial decision, since your professional headshot image often creates a first impression for your clientele, customers, and business associates. Chromyde Photography offers premium quality professional headshot photos for models, actors, and business owners. We understand the required steps to help you become successful by representing the right image through photography. A professional headshot can be the difference between clinching a completely new job or being passed over for someone else, and we desire to assist you to build the image and success that you desire.


Calgary is a busy city, and it is referred to as business heart of Canada. There are numerous types of businesses in the area, and it is a melting pot of customs and diversity. Obtaining a quality headshot photographer in Calgary is essential if you want to make your business stand above the rest.


Do not forget- selecting a headshot photographer in Calgary is much more than finding someone who is familiar with how to use a camera, because professional retouching is a crucial critical for ensure the photos have a nice finishing touch. At Chromyde Photography, we use top-of-the-line equipment in order that you are receiving top quality photos, and we always incorporate professional retouching too.


Here are a few of the areas of our expertise:


Actor Headshot

If you’re an actor, then you most definitely know that actor headshots are the way that you may get your foot in the door for potential auditions. It is recommended to have up-to-date acting headshots which can be distributed to directors or hiring managers, and those headshots for audition will assist you to gain more opportunities to land the audition and potentially be chosen. If you look at the experts, you will find that every one of them has their own celebrity headshot that is utilized in their stock portfolio, and you ought to have the identical thing if you want to flourish in the industry.


Model Headshot

Models need an up-to-date model headshot constantly, because designers and professional photographers want to see a current and authentic photo of you. Distributing an outdated model headshot can be misleading, and it will damage your work options if the photos in your portfolio don’t precisely reflect how you presently appear. Keep your model headshots current and ensure to make use of professional headshots, and you will have better results in landing more modelling gigs.


Corporate Headshot

Many business owners mistakenly think that headshots aren’t an important element for their business. But, the fact is that a corporate headshot can help to advance your career and improve relationships with customers and clients. Your headshot for business is a great way to build the right first impression, and those corporate headshots literally enable you to shape the look that you want to build for yourself. For example, many potential clients consider whether a legal firm’s website has a headshot for lawyers, simply because they want to see what the lawyer looks like before they make their choice. Websites, which include headshots for lawyers, will be more apt to receive calls from site visitors, since the headshots make the lawyer more personable to the prospective clients. This holds true in all industries, which explains why you should have a corporate headshot regardless of your profession.


As you can see, there professional headshots are important in many professions and industries, and we want to talk to you about how you can put together a portfolio of top quality headshots. Call Chromyde Photography to schedule your photo shoot, we would love to hear from you!


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