Suggestions For Finding the Best Portrait Photographer in Calgary


When we think of portrait photography, we think of taking close-up pictures that have a small depth of field. It is well known that portrait photography is in constant demand in this business, but it’s going to take more than merely a nice camera to acquire clients! Portrait photography is about capturing an individual’s personality and peeling back layers to reveal the subjects’ vulnerability.


Below are some recommendations on how to highlight your subjects’ best features.



1. Frame Your Shots. There are a number of methods for framing your shots, yet to get the most out of your situation I’d recommend quite a few angles, framing and crops. The shot is a rather natural pose. If you prefer dynamic shots, you must be constantly changing up your camera angles and viewpoint, trying to find the optimal shot. You are going to be quick to capture the intended image!


2. Keep Your Subject Relaxed. Sometimes your very best picture is your very first picture and this can be the case with proper planning. My most prosperous pictures are the ones that were planned carefully and fully explained to the subject. Set your equipment up well before your model arrives and complete you small adjustments during the shoot. This will lessen the time the model has to work and keep the comfortable and natural.


3. Keep Your Background Simple. Whatever background you pick for your portrait, never forget that the primary focus of your photo is the individual, not the place.  Your portraits will appear more natural. Experiment with poses and you’ll find some wonderful images.


4. Keep Your Focus Sharp. This type of image is understood to be a likeness of an individual, especially of their face and needs to be crisp. Experiment with multiple light sources; don’t rely on outdoor or natural light alone.


5. The Power of Black and White. A great photographer can pull the personality of the shyest subject. Often the most compelling headshots are those that let the personality of the subject shine without the need for colour.


Portrait photography may be one of the most difficult kinds of photography because it requires capturing a moment, an emotion. At Chromyde Photography we heavily invest in equipment that is required for a compelling headshot. We are located conveniently in Calgary and will work with you to achieve your vision and provide you quality suggestions from our qualified staff. Call us today to book your photo shoot!

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